Safe beauty center

A safe working place cannot be separated from proper hygiene of themselves and the spaces in which you work.

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Treatment based on pure silver and Asian centella, ideal for protecting the skin from external agents, restoring comfort and preserving its barrier function.

hand cleaning

Hydro-alcoholic sanitizing gel, enriched with chlorhexidine, powerful and proven antibacterial. Cleans and sanitizes hands, leaving them soft and clean. Fast absorbing texture. Not sticky. Leaves a pleasant feeling of purity and cleanliness with its citrus fragrance.

Universal sanitizing
cleansing solution

Practical. Quick. Safe. Universal. Suitable for use on all products and accessories that come into contact with the skin. Available handbag size too (50ml)

Protective sanitizing
barrier cream

Cosmetic treatment with a global action: moisturizes, purifies, cleanses and sanitizes. With CICA SILVER CPX, based on pure silver and Asian centella, it is the ideal treatment to protect the skin from external agents, restore its wellbeing and preserve its barrier function. With its fresh and light texture, it absorbs quickly, leaving the skin of the face and hands (areas most exposed to contact with microbial agents) smooth and soft. Also ideal for men's facial skin. Does not contain alcohol. 98% natural ingredients.

Liquid silver
multi active mist

Protects and purifies the skin. Prepares and fixes makeup. WITH SANITIZING ACTION. Moisturizing and purifying lotion with PolluBlock 3D technology. Creates an invisible protective shield on the skin with anti-pollution and make-up fixing action. With CICA SILVER CPX, based on pure silver and Asian centella, enriched with antibacterial, it purifies and protects the skin from external agents. For an immediately purer, protected and smoother skin.