THE MAN is the answer from diego dalla palma professional to the male desire of taking care of their own style while preserving the beauty of the skin over time. It has been formulated to perform the perfect shave, groom every type of beard and mustache and, at the same time, counteract the signs of aging.It boosts cell regeneration for a stronger and vital skin.

Perfect shaving gel [42]

Transparent, highly flowing gel for accurate and gentle shaving. It reduces the risk of cuts when passing the blade, softens the hair and combats the reddening and irritation processes. For a perfect and clean shave.

Moisturising repairing after-shave gel [43]

Hydrates and gives comfort to the skin sensitized by the blade passage, contrasting microlesions from shaving and strengthening the skin barrier. Without alcohol and other dehydrating agents. For hydrated and protected skin and feeling of comfort and freshness.

Anti age face-beard cream [44]

It makes the skin smoother and more elastic and softens the bristling and prickly beard. Creates an ultrathin protective film for a total protection against dryness, external agents and the passing of time. For a smooth and elastic skin, and a soft beard.

Softening beard oil [45]

Nourishes and makes beard and mustache soft and easy to comb. It helps keep tidy and tame even thick, long and bristling beards. For a soft and combed beard.