Super Active Vials

The change in the climate, atmospheric agents, in our personal daily routine or stress, can cause consequences for the beauty and health of our face, which can undergo: slowing of its life cycles, possibility of cell turnover, accumulation of toxins, oxygen starvation. It becomes necessary to intervene with targeted treatments that favor skin renewal, increase the oxygen supply and are specially enriched with moisturizing and antioxidant substances to help the skin adapt to change and preserve its "biorhythms" from sudden and drastic external stresses .

SUPER PLUMP - ampule za punoću

A complex of active ingredients with synergistic action that helps to preserve the precious capital of hyaluronic acid present in the skin.

N-acetiglucosamine and mini hyaluronic acid

They penetrate deeply into the skin, favoring the production of new hyaluronic acid for a feeling of greater compactness.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid tech

Smoothing technology based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. It creates an invisible 3d film on the surface of the skin with an immediate lifting effect and acts as a reservoir and reserve of hyaluronic acid, guaranteeing a prolonged release over time.

The shock response to give the skin firmness and smoothness.

Energy mix energizing concentrate

Kompleks mikroinkapsuliranog adenozina i retinola, sa produženim dejstvom za povećanu efikasnost i bolju tolerabilnost kože.


Osnovna komponenta ćelijske DNK, snažno deluje protiv bora i poboljšava punoću kože. Stimuliše sintezu kolagena i elastina, čineći kožu glatkom i elastičnom.


Obnavlja teksturu kože i bori se protiv stvaranja bora i drugih nepravilnosti.
Šok tretman koji koži vraća vitalnost i energiju.

Chrono-skin anti-stress concentrate

Internal and environmental stress (excessive exposure to blue light from smartphones, tvs and pcs, sleep disturbances, night work, jet lag, tension, improper nutrition) alter the internal clock of the facial skin making it appear duller, gray, tired and accelerate the aging process.


Detoxifies the skin and resynchronizes its circadian rhythms, counteracting signs of fatigue on the face and eye area (dark circles and bags).

The shock response for a more radiant and rested face and a more vital and luminous look.