Super Scrub

A tailor-made scrub for every skin type, whether it is sensitive, mature or impure. Illuminating, purifying, revitalizing: find the super scrub that suits you best!

Gommage Scrub - Lightening enzymatic face scrub

Who says that scrubs are not made for sensitive skin? Our gommage scrub gives back the pleasure of a deep purifying and enzymatic exfoliation treatment to all skin types, including sensitive one. Scrubbing particles size is extra fine for the most delicate exfoliating action reinforced with mild resurfacing fuit enzymes.

Once or twice a week, apply the product to dry skin (or wet in case of sensitive skin), avoiding the eye countour area. Wait about 1 minute to allow the enzymes in the formula to activate. Massage with circular movements. Rinse.

Mask Scrub - Purifying mask-scrub

The tailor-made solution for scrub-lovers with combination and oily skin: a 2-in-1 product that meets the two main needs of people with skin blemishes and imperfections:
- PURIFYING MASK: with charcoal, to absorb excess sebum and deeply unclog pores
- EXFOLIATING: with salicilic acid, small scrubbing particles to gently remove death cells and refine skin texture

Apply the product to dry skin once or twice a week, avoiding the eye contour area. Gently massage with circular movements, focusing on areas most affected by blemishes and impurities. Leave fot 10 minutes. Wet face with lukewarm water and massage the product with circular movements. Remove excess product with a cotton pad soaked in lukewarm water. Rinse.

Sauna Scrub - Thermo-revitalizing scrub

An energy-replenishing scrub to give mature skin a fresh new look. The exfoliating proprieties of its big sized, yet delicate scrubbing particles – sugar and encapsulated hyaluronic acid - specifically designed to renew skin surface, together with its mild sauna action provides a plumper skin look.

Apply a thik layer of product to dry skin once or twice a week, avoiding the eye contour area. Massage with circular movements to acrivate its gentle sauna action: a slight feeling of hot skin and redness will indicate the stimulation of microcirculation on the skin’s surface. Massage with wet hands for a more delicate action. Rinse.