About us

With more than sixty years’ expertise in cosmetic innovation, we have helped write the history of the professional beauty industry in Italy. We have explored the origin of beauty and applied the latest scientific innovations to provide solutions for all beauty needs, thanks to formulas that deliver visible, unbeatable results.

With Diego dalla Palma Professional as your partner, your beauty centre will provide premium wellbeing experiences with top-quality services and proven results for your customers. With a personalised approach which enhances the unique beauty of every woman.

Being Made in Italy is synonymous with creativity, rigour, knowledge and expertise. This tradition of excellence characterizes every aspect of our work and we are proud to be part of it, taking our 100% Italian know-how to every corner of the world. All our cosmetic ranges are designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in Italy, so are 100% Made in Italy.


We are a dynamic and innovative company based on research and development.

Our exclusive formulas are created in our in-house RVB SKINLAB laboratory which is constantly developing new ideas and products based on rigorous studies of skin physiology. All our ingredients are carefully selected in our state-of-the-art research and development laboratory to ensure our products are pure, effective and contain only what they really need.

Diego dalla Palma Professional’s exclusive, high-performance formulas anticipate cosmetic trends to guarantee real and visible results. Every Diego Dalla Palma Professional treatment is tested by prestigious third-party research institutes and Universities and is backed up by scientific data and improvements which are visible after just a few treatments.

Certified results: represent our best calling card.
Visible effects: the leverage for consumer loyalty.
For real beauty and proven efficacy.


Skin Concept Studio means efficacy, innovation and Italian elegance with Diego dalla Palma’s signature style. A minimalist beauty center that combines the efficacy of our professional treatments with state-of-the-art technologies and stylish décor.