Oh My Bodyguard!

A base di argento puro e centella asiatica, è il trattamento ideale per proteggere la pelle dagli agenti esterni, ridonarle benessere e preservarne la funzione di barriera.

Hygienizing hand cleansing gel

Hydro-alcoholic sanitizing gel, enriched with chlorhexidine, powerful and known antibacterial. Cleanses and sanitizes hands, leaving them soft and clean. Quickly absorbed texture. Does not stick. With its citrus fragrance, it leaves a pleasant sensation of purity and cleanliness.

How to use
Pour a quantity of product sufficient to cover the palm and back of the hands and rub until completely dry.
Without rinsing.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Use on dry, undamaged skin.

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Universal hygienizing cleansing solution

Practical. Fast. Safe. Universal. Suitable for use on all products and accessories that come into contact with the skin.

How to use
Spray at a distance of about 10 cm from the object to be treated. Leave to dry. If necessary, pass a tissue paper to absorb excess. For personal care, use only on the skin of the hands and not on other parts of the body. Without rinsing.

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Hygienizing protective barrier cream

Cosmetic treatment with global action: hydrates, purifies, cleanses and sanitizes. With CICA SILVER CPX, based on pure silver and gotu kola, it is the ideal treatment to protect the skin from external agents, restore its well-being and preserve its barrier function. With its fresh and light texture, it absorbs quickly making the skin of the face and hands (areas most exposed to contact with microbial agents) smooth and soft. Also ideal for men's facial skin. Contains no alcohol. 98% ingredients of natural origin.

How to use
Apply to all areas of the face and hands to be protected and massage until absorbed. It can also be used as a protective make-up base and as an enhancement of the usual face cream.

Does not contain: paraffin, mineral oil, silicones

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Liquid silver multi active mist: soothing, anti-pollution, makeup fixer

Moisturizing and purifying lotion with 3D PolluBlock technology. Creates an invisible protective shield on the skin with an anti-pollution and make-up fixing action. With CICA SILVER CPX, based on pure silver and centella asiatica, enriched with antibacterial, purifies and protects the skin from external agents. For instantly purer, protected and smoother skin.

How to use
Shake well before use. In the morning and as needed throughout the day, close your eyes and spray on the face and neck at a distance of about 20 cm.

Does not contain: alcohol, mineral oil, silicones

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