Trilogy is the jewel of beauty by diego dalla palma, symbol of a precious triple bond against the passage of time: an anti age treatment in three formulations enriched by the precious energizing action of silver, gold and platinum restoring radiance and vitality to the skin, to effectively counteract wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Ag - Silver

Leaves of pure silver to better preserve the skin’s youth capital. Ideal for slowing down the first sign of ageing and treating the harmful effects of stress and an incorrect lifestyle.

Au - Gold

Leaves of pure gold, a miracle of beauty. Gold helps eliminate toxins and stimulates the cell metabolic activity. It promotes the formation of new collagen, protecting the skin’s support structure.

Pt - Platinum

Platinum Skin-Matrix: a precious peptide complex containing colloidal platinum able to reactivate the skin renewal. A deep regeneration action for a firmer, more plumped and younger-looking skin.