Youth venom™

The result of a singular and revolutionary scientific breakthrough, μ-Conotoxin III is one of the most formidable venoms in the world produced by the Conus seashell. Reproduced in the laboratory through sophisticated genomic studies and deprived of its lethal toxic paralysing action, it has revealed an extraordinary ability to relax and smooth immediately the skin. It kills the signs of ageing minimising the visibility of even the deepest wrinkles and expression lines.

Youth venom - the serum [9]

An ultra potent smoothing concentrate rich in μ-Conotoxin III, a brand-new patented neuropeptide that reproduces - without side effects - the formidable wrinkle relaxing action of the potent venom produced by the Conus seashell. Its extraordinary effectiveness - clinically tested - and its 3D relaxing action helps to relax micro skin contractions and to reduce the number, volume and depth of even the deepest and consolidated wrinkles.

Youth venom - the cream [10]

A beauty enhancing treatment. Based on a high concentration of μ-Conotoxin III, a new-generation patented neuropeptide that mimics the amazing line-relaxing effect of the cone snail’s powerful venom, but without side effects. A sumptuous, richly-textured cream that will take you to another dimension as soon as you feel it melt into your skin, where it smooths both gentle and deep wrinkles immediately.

Youth venom kit [192]

A special kit created to prepare the skin for the holidays. Relaxes, fills, smoothes. Reinforced with կ- CONOTOXIN III, a powerful poison produced by the Conus marine shell. These products will help you to kill the signs of aging, minimizing the visibility of wrinkles. Even the deepest ones. The perfect dose for the 15 days before the holidays! A perfect skin in 2 steps: Apply every evening 3 drops of Youth Venom serum on the face; Once a week apply the immortal mask to emphasize the results and have a shock action. The kit contains 2 immortal masks and 2 mini size poisons of youth.