It activates the skin purification system and stimulates cell regeneration. A well-balanced skin is more receptive and can maximize the efficacy of the new multi-revitalizing 51 +3 HYALU COMPLEX™.

Revitalising tonic

Moisturizing and refreshing with CELL DETOXIUM and hyaluronic acid. Refreshing water with moisturizing and restorative effects. To be combined with the cleansing treatment to make skin more receptive for following treatments, providing active ingredients with toning, moisturizing and protective effects. Without alcohol. It does not irritate the eyes.

Micellar cleansing milk

Purifying and oxygenating with CELL DETOXIUM e hydramoist.Soft micellar solution specifically designed to cleanse skin deeply and gently. It delicately removes make-up from face and eyes maintaining the appropriate level of hydration and combating the drying action of hard water.

Detoxifying cleansing mousse

Cleanses and removes impurities with CELL DETOXIUM and C vitamin.It cleanses and removes impurities, makeup residues and excess sebum, giving you instantly a great feeling of comfort and freshness. The soft and aerated foam and its formulation based on detoxifying active ingredients and vitamin C, leave the skin free to breathe making it clear and bright.

Purifying clay mask

Intensive care thanks to the presence of ventilated green clay with detoxifying and remineralizing action. Thanks to the presence of puri-enzyme, an enzyme complex with an exfoliating and moisturizing effect, it removes impurities in a few minutes and gently refines skin texture, restoring brightness, firmness and softness all in one.

Detoxifying essential concentrate

It restores the skin balance and gives new energy to skin damaged by toxins produced by pollution, stress and free radicals, making it more receptive to subsequent treatments. Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates cellular vitality contrasting loss of firmness and of elasticity.

Oxygenating scrub

Essential treatment to restore beauty and make skin brighter eliminating impurities, thanks to CELL DETOXIUM that stimulates cellular detoxification. A special formulation based on micro-exfoliating beads of different size, favouring the elimination of dead cells as well as cell renewal by means of hydrating and revitalizing amino acids.

Biphasic micellar make up remover

Innovative formula in two phases with synergistic action: the lower phase cleanses and thanks to CELL DETOXIUM removes residues of smog and impurities, leaving the skin fresh and pure; the upper phase, enriched with Omega 3, quickly removes all the residues of makeup, even the long-lasting and waterproof, making the skin soft and moisturized. Not greasy.