RESURFACE² uses the power of a blend of acids as well as concentrated and carefully selected active ingredients. Visibly reduces wrinkles, acne scars, imperfections and uneven complexion, respecting the delicate skin balance. Enriched with REVIVYL™.

Exfoliating cleansing cream

Free of aggressive foaming agents, it cleanses by affinity thanks to its skin-like oils that dissolve and remove impurities and make-up residues from the face and lips, without drying the skin and leaving it soft and hydrated. Thanks to the micro-encapsulated salicylic acid, it promotes the removal of dead cells, and makes the complexion more homogeneous and the skin smoother and purer.

Micro-exfoliating protective day cream SPF50

Daily photo-protective treatment with moisturizing and dermo-perfecting action. With REVIVYL™, it rebalances the physiological processes of cell renewal and has a micro-exfoliating, delicate and progressive effect, which reduces surface imperfections and small scars and wrinkles day after day, refining the texture and smoothing the complexion. A cream gel with a fresh texture: ultra-light, quickly absorbed and without a white effect. It is not greasy and is also ideal for combination, oily and / or acne-prone skin. High tolerance formulation free of alcohol and perfume.

Regenerating exfoliating tonic AHA 5%

Illuminating renewal lotion. Gently removes dead and dull skin cells leaving an even and vital complexion as well as a smoother and more uniform skin. With REVIVYL™, stimulates stem cell skin renewal and protects the skin microbiome; ACID COMPLEX (glycolic acid and gluconolactone), exfoliating and anti-ageing; HA ANTI-IRRITANT SYSTEM, anti-irritant and cell protectant properties.

Rebalancing serum

Purifying and uniforming concentrate ideal for blemishes caused by acne and impure skin, and for treating scars and imperfections. With azelaic acid that stimulates cell renewal, prevents bacterial overgrowth and helps tighten pores and vitamin PP that reduces dark spots and discolorations, for a more uniform complexion. Ideal for a smoother, even skin texture.

Skin renewal serum

New generation anti-age concentrate containing EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), naturally found in the skin, specifically micro-encapsulated to promote the delivery to the deeper layers of the epidermis. Stimulates the cell renewal and collagen production, reducing the depth of the wrinkles. For a firmer, more supple and more radiant skin.

Regenerating serum

A pure and micro-encapsulated retinol concentrate with a powerful anti-ageing and anti-imperfection action. The special encapsulation technology protects the retinol from the degradation, delivers it through the various layers of the skin and promotes its gradual release over time, for a prolonged and more gentle effect on the skin.

Cica-Ceramides Cream

De-reddening, calming and repairing cream with chrome-corrective green pigments. Perfect for rebalancing irritated and fragile skin due to aggressive external agents, cosmetic treatments and intensive dermo-aesthetics. Thanks to the Asian Centella, enriched with horse chestnut extracts, rusco and calendula, is perfect for reducing temporary or persistent redness and skin with couperose. Enhanced with bio-mimetic Ceramides, it rebalances and strengthens the skin's barrier, restoring comfort, hydration and relief. With its green corrective chromium pigments, it visibly reduces irritation and redness phenomena and gives the skin an healthy and radiant complexion.