Body Bioenergy

From the balance between mind and body, from the energy of their union comes the new body linediego dalla palma professional: Body Bioenergy. The new body treatment is created to enhance the beauty of the body and counteract the imperfections associated to cellulite, localized adiposity, loss of tone based on the PNEI or "Aesthetic psychology of the body".

Firming Thigh and Buttock Cream

Intensive firming cream with tensor effect designed to counteract lack of tone and skin support and help to have more toned and high buttocks. With Natural Bottom Up extract, an active ingredient specifically designed and tested to "lift" the shape of the buttocks, counteract the presence of culotte de cheval and reshape the upper part of the thighs. Refreshing and rapidly absorbed texture.

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Firming Cryo Wrap - Thigh and Buttock

Shock treatment for buttocks and thighs with a firming and remodeling action. Ideal for those who want more toned and taller buttocks and firmer and more modeled thighs. Thanks to the Natural Bottom Up extract, it redefines the curves of the buttocks, counteracts the presence of culotte de cheval and reshapes the thighs.

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Daily Ritual Kit

The must-haves for daily use for those who want instantly better-looking skin.

The kit contains:

Anticellulite Kit

Two products with a specific focus on detoxification and reactivation of the microcirculation, for a ruthless hunt for cellulite blemishes.

The kit contains:

Fitness Kit

For those who want to fight sagging skin and want toned and firm skin.

The kit contains:

Ultra-Reshaping Bandage - Belly and Hips

Firming treatment with shock action to reshape the shapes of the most rebellious areas of the body: belly, hips and buttocks. With phosphatidylcholine with a "fat-dissolving" action, it counteracts localized adiposity and helps regain more harmonious and proportionate shapes.
Its special thermoactive formulation creates a sauna effect that stimulates microcirculation and reactivates the metabolism of the tissues and the lipolytic processes. Enriched with Actigym ™, an active ingredient of oceanic origin, which, like an "internal personal trainer", trains the skin tissues to burn excess fat faster, increasing its tone. It also contains hydroxyproline with an elasticizing and anti-stretch mark action.

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Reshaping Body-Wrap Cream - Belly and Hips

A cream-pack with a sauna effect for a remodeling, intensive and targeted action against adiposity, localized on the stomach and hips. With its special absorbable formulation, based on micronized fucus and laminaria algae, it is a professional but no-rinse product, to be used comfortably at home for quick and visible results. Ideal for reactivating skin microcirculation, counteracting localized adiposity, reducing the imperfections associated with cellulite and firming the relaxed tissues of the stomach and hips. Enriched with hydroxyproline with an elasticizing and anti-stretch mark action, it helps to make the tissues more toned and to redefine the shapes, for a more harmonious and proportionate silhouette.

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Progressive Exfoliating Serum

Daily perfecting concentrate with "shock" action specially formulated to correct grain and complexion imperfections and have a radiant, smooth and even skin on the body. Thanks to the progressive exfoliating action of 10% gluconolactone and its elasticizing and anti-stretch mark active ingredients (hydroxyproline and oily mistletoe extract), it progressively reduces the presence of small scars, grain and complexion imperfections, ingrown hairs and pimples, reducing the visibility of the orange peel skin and the onset of stretch marks. With its creamy and silky texture, it immediately gives a smoother and more toned skin sensation.

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Hyperosmotic draining gel salts

Detoxifying and anti-cellulite with hyperconcentrated epsom salts. Hyperconcentratedepsom salts in gel formulation. Thanks to their deep detoxifying and draining action, they stimulate the skin, its lymphatic microcirculation and promote the excess fluids eliminationfrom the skin tissues. The "Orange peel skin" will be immediately less visible, the legs lighter, the silhouette more harmonious.

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Sculpting super-concentrate

Smoothing and toning wth actigym™. With its reactivating action, it accelerates the cellulite nodules dissolution and helps fight the adipose deposits and redesign the body shape, giving back smoothness, harmony and tonicity to the tissues. In the heart of the formula polyphenols from peruvian ginseng with a "Destocking and lipolytic" action and actigym™"Internal personal trainer" which activates cellular communication "Training" skin tissues to burn excess fat more quickly to the benefit of tone. Suggested also before exercise to accelerate the skin tissue metabolism and achieve more quickly a shaped and fit body, redefined in critical points

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Thermoactive cream-mud

Anticellulite - tonificante - modellante. Un fango di alga laminaria e fucus “in crema”, ad azione intensiva, appositamente formulato per alleggerire I tessuti appesantiti da ritenzione idrica, adiposità localizzate e cellulite. Grazie alla sua texture “assorbibile”, non macchia pelle e tessuti ed è di facile utilizzo. Con la sua azione termogenica bilanciata, genera una leggera sensazione di calore sottocutaneo che riattiva la funzionalità del microcircolo e l’allontanamento di liquidi e tossine. L’alto contenuto di escina aumenta la resistenza capillare e aiuta a contrastare I ristagni edematosi e la ricomparsa di accumuli cellulitici. Potenziato con cynarine vegetal slim complex e polifenoli da ginseng peruviano, favorisce il “de-stoccaggio” degli accumuli adiposi, rimodellando il profilo della silhouette. Arricchito con estratto di arnica montana e sale marino, purifica la pelle dalle tossine e conferisce al contempo elasticità e tono ai tessuti.

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Draining thalasso scrub anticellulite

Draining and smoothing with himalayan rose salt. It removes dead cells from the body, making the skin smooth and silky. The pink himalayan salt stimulates the cutaneous microcirculation and favors the elimination of excess liquids. Black cumin and passionflower oils make the skin softer and more supple.

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Total body cream 3 in 1 anti-cellulite - toning - modeling

The ideal ally for a harmonious body and a redefined silhouette. Based on: peruvian ginseng and caffeine to drain the stagnant liquids and counteract the imperfections of cellulite; cynarine vegetal slim complex to favor the emptying of fat pads; actigymtm for a more toned and firm skin. Its gel-cream texture gives an intense sensation of freshness and lightness and visibly reduces the appearance of "Orange peel skin".

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Anti-cellulite dry oil

Setifying and smoothing with extract of arnica montana. Thanks to its calibrated blend of 10 medicinal plants and precious oils with a draining, anti-cellulite and silky effect, arnica, yarrow, hypericum, calendula, passionflower, elicriso, acai, comfrey, babassu, goji- fosters microcirculation and removal of liquids and toxins in excess and helps to counter skin peel orange and water retention. For a smoother and silky skin.

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Mud mousse anti-cellulite

Draining and smoothing with ginseng peruvian. An intensive action mousse mud. Its rapidly absorbing texture facilitates the vehiculation of the active and Reduces the visibility of imperfections associated with even stubborn cellulite accumulations. The peruvian ginseng extract reactivates the microcirculation, hinders the storage of fats inside the cellulitic nodules and "Loosens the hardened fibers" that cage the fat cells and they are responsible for orange peel skin. For a smoother skin with a more homogeneous appearance, from the first application.

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Anti gravity serum

Remodeling and toning with 3d vegetal express lift system. With its silky texture, with a lifting effect, it envelops the skin of the body, immediately giving a sensation of greater smoothness and tone. Enriched with 3d vegetal express lift system and actigymtm is ideal for counteracting sagging skin and fat deposits of the skin of arms, abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks. Rapidly absorbed, it immediately restores firmness and firmness to the skin.

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Super moisturising cream

Vellutant and nutrient with monoi de tahiti. It gives wellbeing and relief to dry and sensitive skin, making it immediately soft and velvety. With argan oil, Monoi de tahiti and extract of hibiscus and frangipani flowers, it is the ideal nourishment for the most dehydrated skin and for the most arid areas of the body (knees, elbows and heels). With its soft texture and rapid absorption, it makes the skin immediately smoother and elastic.

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Anti stretch marks concentrate

Intensive and shock treatment specifically studied to prevent and reduce stretch marks. Perfect also during pregnancy and nursing. Active ingredients: OLI’VÎNETM ACTIVE SYSTEM, mistletoe, chlorella seaweed, hydroxyproline, hyaluronic acid.

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Regenerating balm scrub

PROGRESSIVE MICRO-EXFOLIANT WITH 3% GLUCONOLACTONE. Multi-action, practical, ultra-fast and innovative: smoothing scrub + moisturizing cream + progressive micro-peeling, to be used in the shower for soft and velvety skin in just 1 minute. It immediately removes dead cells and leaves a comfortable moisturizing film on the skin, which does not require the application of a cream. After the shower, it keeps exerting a gentle and progressive micro-exfoliation, thanks to the presence of gluconolactone, a special delicate hydroxy-acid which preserves the smoothness and brightness of the skin.

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Light legs cream gel

DRAINING AND TIRING WITH ASIAN CENTELLA. Refreshing gel specific for tired legs, with Asian Centella and escin. It protects and strengthens the superficial microcirculation of the skin, decongests and gives relief to legs, tones and improves the aesthetic appearance of the skin in case of capillary fragility.

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