Skin Map

OUR SKIN TELLS OUR LIFE. The goal of the new SKIN MAP line is to identify the state of the skin in each area of ​​the face and create a specific and targeted treatment, customized for each client, with extraordinary and immediate results, based on EPIGENETICS, the science that studies how the external environment influences the expression of our DNA and the appearance of our skin, or its variation in individual areas of the face. SKIN MAP products are enriched with ROYALACTIN EPI-peptide, (Pentapeptide-48), an innovative bio-mimetic peptide, born from advanced studies of Epigenetics, with bio-revitalizing action. It mimics the powerful action of Royalactina, contained in royal jelly and accelerates the epidermal regeneration processes, helping to repair the skin damage suffered due to external agents and an unbalanced lifestyle.

Anti-ox ampoule - intensive antioxidant concentrate

It protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggressions, reactivating the cutaneous self-repair processes, for an elastic and resistant skin. With its regenerating texture, it makes the skin immediately soft and nourished. It is ideal when the skin is faced with an aggressive environment (dry climate, sudden changes in temperature, sun, wind, air conditioning, etc.), during seasonal changes and when it appears more in need of extra care. Recommended for all skin types Specific active ingredients. Royalactin epi-peptide + glycans, alpha lipoic acid, carnitine, hemp oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, aloe, bisabolol, shea butter.

New light ampoule - illuminating intensive concentrate

Reduces visibility of stains and redness, smooths the complexion and gives the skin a new light, restoring radiance and vitality. Also ideal for skin that has lost brightness and dull and poorly oxygenated due to stress, fatigue or jet lag. An oil-serum with a dynamic texture. Specific active ingredients. 10% of rosehip oil, highly dermo-related and rapidly absorbed.

Instant matt ampoule - sebum-normalizing intensive concentrate

Immediately reduces the lucidity of the areas with excess sebum, helps to rebalance the sebaceous secretion and to refine the skin's texture. Matt effect and reduced visibility of imperfections immediately. Its ultra-fluid texture immediately gives a feeling of velvety and smooth skin. Fragrance free. Specific active ingredients Royalactin epi-peptide + glycans.

3d sculpt ampoule - firming intensive concentrate

Intensive remodeling concentrate, ideal for combating loss of tone, signs of gravity, skin sagging and redefining the contours of the face. With its immediate tensor effect texture, it instantly smoothes the skin, reshaping and lifting the contours of the face. Fragrance free. Specific active ingredients Royalactin epi-peptide + glycans.

Stop red ampoule - intensive concentrated anti-lipe

Calming and anti-reddening concentrate, perfect for sensitive, reactive, rosacea or fragile and irritated skin due to external agents. With its soft and delicate formulation, it gives an immediate sensation of comfort and progressively improves the quality and appearance of the skin. Specific active ingredients Royalactin epi-peptide + glycans, stabilized vitamin e 1%, jojoba oil, trehalose, glycyrrhetic acid.

Anti-oxidizing anti-age cream

Rich and nutritious, it wraps the skin protecting it from oxidative stress, free radicals and damage caused by external agents. Contrasts the signs of aging and photo aging and helps preserve the youth's capital of the face, reducing the presence of wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity. Enhances antioxidant capacity and gives protection and energy, for a regenerated, soft and elastic skin. Also ideal for dull and tired skin. Specific active ingredients. Royalactin epi-peptide, glycans, carnitine, blackcurrant oil, hemp oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil, aloe, bisabolol, shea butter.

Anti-age micro-renovating cream

Specially designed to promote a progressive and delicate renewal of the skin and reduce, day after day, the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, imperfections of the grain and of the complexion. Makes the skin immediately more smooth and radiant. Fresh texture in quick-absorbing cream-gel. Specific active ingredients Royalactin epi-peptide, glycans, carnitine, blackcurrant oil, hemp oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil, aloe, bisabolol, shea butter.

Eye correcting ampoule intensive concentrate anti bags and dark circles

Anti-imperfection corrective serum bags and dark circles for an intensive anti-fatigue treatment for the eye contour. Counteracts the presence of dark circles, swelling and bags. Ideal for giving relief to tired and fatigued eyes from an unbalanced lifestyle, excessive exposure to blue light from smartphones, TVs and PCs, small hours, sleep disorders, night work, jet lag, tension, anxiety, incorrect nutrition.