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It activates cell bio-revitalisation and protection of the skin support system. Enriched with silver, gold and platinum with precious energizing properties.

Precious self tanning

Composed of ultra concentrated drops that have a rapid intense and long lasting effect. They give an even complexion and do not leave stains on the skin and clothes Contains no colorants. They are suitable for all complexions and even male skin.

Active ingredients:

DHA DiHydroxyAcetone
Resurrection Sugar
Golden Collagenine
Astragalus membranaceus

Ultra repairing anti age serum

A regenerating action for a deep feeling of skin rebirth. It acts effectively against all factors that increase wrinkles (free radicals, environment and aggressive climatic agents, UV rays, lifestyle, irritative processes, age). Perfect after exposure to the sun and sunlamps changes of season and also recommended after chemical peels dermo abrasive procedures, laser, derma roller and microneedling. High concentration of anthocyanins, powerful anti oxidants obtained from carrot stem cells in the absence of pesticide residues and environmental contaminants. Relieves the tingling sensation and discomfort of dehydrated and dry skin. Rich, moisturizing and velvety texture.

Active ingredients:

Golden Collagenine
Anthocyanins from carrot stem cells

Gold Elixir Anti Aging Serum

A luxurious formula with a filling and smoothing action for timeless beauty. Designed to actively contrast wrinkles and signs of aging. Sublime infusion of gold, with a of GOLDEN collagen-base and the aminopeptide complex ""no-a.g.e.s peptides"", which stimulate new collagen production and counteract wrinkles, sagging skin and tone loss. Enriched with golden microcapsules of hyaluronic acid which melt in contact with the skin, donating a bright clean feeling. A luxurious formula with a filling and smoothing action for timeless beauty. Designed to actively contrast wrinkles and signs of aging.

Hand cream

Regenerating hand cream, with smoothing and softening action. Enriched with vitamin C, shea butter and vegetable phospholipids, it deeply nourishes and strengthens the skin's defenses, protecting the hands from dryness, cracking and external aggressions.
It wraps the hands with a light film without weighing it down and without leaving a “greasy” layer on the hands. Also perfect for men.

24-hour revitalising anti-age cream

Anti-age formula which slows down the first signs of ageing and treats the harmful effects caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Thanks to its Anti-InflammAging system, it fights the action of free radicals and inflammaging, a micro-inflammatory process which is invisible but chronic and accelerates skin ageing, causing dryness, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of elasticity. Enriched with silver micro-dust which strengthens the structure of the skin protective barrier.

24-hour redensifying anti-age cream

Thanks to its amino peptide “no-a.g.e.s peptides” complex, it is specially formulated to fight wrinkles, saggy skin and loss of tone which are associated with glycation, one of the main skin ageing processes which is caused by excess sugar in our diet. Enriched with GOLDEN Collagenine, an invaluable peptide complex containing colloidal gold, which stimulates the formation of new collagen.

24-hour skin renewal anti-age cream

Anti-age treatment that regenerates the skin deep down, with AGE DELAY Complex and PLATINUM SKIN-Matrix, a precious peptide complex containing colloidal platinum. It stimulates the production of “Klotho”, youth proteins, reactivating the vital functions of youthful skin for a more “plumped up”, firmer complexion. Boosted with isoflavones from the red poppy, it is also recommended for women during or pre-menopause who suffer from dry skin, loss of tone and the appearance of brown spots.

Correcting eye cream

Innovative eye treatment. Immediately: its orange colour- correcting pigments and diamond dust visibly reduce dark circles and make the eyes fresh and vibrant. Day after day: its carefully measured concentration of active ingredients helps improve periocular microcirculation and smoothes out wrinkles so bags, dark circles and crow‘s feet are less visible.


Anti-age repairing mask - shock treatment for a refreshed complexion, with colloidal gold and platinum.


Soothing relax mask for eyes and critical points - shock treatment for bright eyes, with diamond dust.