Cellular bio-revitalizaiton and reactivation of genes involved in hydration: a beauty treatment to "quench the thirst" of skin and restore well-being to dehydrated and dry skin. Enhanced with Hydra-gene complex.

Plumping hyalu - mask

Intensive balancing treatment for dehydrated and dry skins. Very suitable after the exposition to the most intense atmospheric agents (cold, sun, wind, heating shock) and arid environments (plane or air conditioning). It’s a real “oasis of well-being” for dry and stressed skins.

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24-Hour hydro - replenishing cream

Hydrating and protective, it’s perfect for immediately water the skin and to contrast wrinkles of dehydration.

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24-Hour intensive hydro - plumping cream

Velvety and enveloping, it’s perfect for skin that needs an intensive hydration, nourishment and protection from external agents (cold, wind, air conditioning).

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Reviving hyalu - gel for eyes contour

Gel multi-concealer eyes contour. It prevents and mitigates signs of tiredness (bags and bluish circles under the eyes) and aging imperfections (wrinkles of expression and thin lines). Gives relief to eye tired and weary by using smartphone or computer and because of stress, weariness and early hours.

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