Revitalization and reharmonization of the skin's ecosystem: the beauty treatment that removes excess oil and reduces visibility of dilated pores and imperfections for a perfect skin and a homogeneous complexion. Enhanced with Bakuchiol ACN.

ACN deep cleansing gel

Especially formulated to cleanse oily, shiny and acne-prone skin effectively and gently. Eliminates excess sebum, impurities and traces of make-up and purifies the pores for pleasantly fresh skin free to breathe.

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ACN sebum-normalising cream

Gel cream, fresh and non-greasy. Has a marked astringent and purifying action. Rebalances sebum production and contrasts typical blemishes of mixed and impure skins: shine, blackheads, patchy complexion, imperfections.

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24-hour matifying anti-age cream

This cream is the ideal treatment for contrasting wrinkles on skin that is also stained (due to age and scars), dilated pores and irregular colouring. Day after day, it refines the texture of the skin, makes it more elastic and gives back a uniform, fresh complexion and smooth, toned skin.

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Pore perfecting serum

It helps to reduce both the appearance of dilated pores due to excessive sebum production and pores blocked with impurities and excess dead skin cells. Gradually reduces small stains and other skin imperfections thanks to its micro-exfoliating action.

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