A skin analyzer is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights into the health and condition of the skin. With advancements in technology, high-resolution microscopes have made it possible to analyze various parameters of the skin, including hydration, elasticity, sebum production, pore size, melanin, impurities, wrinkles, and sensitivity.


Microdermabrasion with diamond powder and ultrasonic vibration exfoliation for a deep cleansing and a more radiant, smoother skin. It is an integrated system with multiple effects that gives different results on several fronts: Deep cleansing, detox and rebalance, regeneration of the top layer of the skin, vibration peeling, improved radiance, tissue oxygenation, increased plumpness and compactness, repositioning, micro lifting effect. Easily comprehensible and customisable advanced software pre-set parameters can also be modified to allow personalization according to the client’s characteristics.Technology for both face and body.


HÊMERA is the LASER technology for permanent progressive hair removal based on selective photothermolysis: the light beam acts in a targeted manner on the melanin present in the hair, respecting the natural physiology of the tissues. Its software, simple and intuitive, has been conceived with pre-set parameters, which guarantee the maximum result, in total safety. Concrete results for a reborn skin: HÊMERA acts with a calibrated and effective impulse on all phototypes (up to V), even on dark and tanned skin, or skin that is more difficult to treat.


The intelligent pressure therapy. A technology that acts on venous-lymphatic circulatory problems simulating specific hand massages and works on the following problems: improvement of the venous-lymphatic circulatory condition, leg relaxation, reduction of cellulitis, reduction of localised and diffused adipose deposits on the legs, buttocks and abdomen, removal of localised and diffused oedema.


Reshapes the face and body from the very first session. Radiofrequency treatment for face and body effective on every type of imperfection: anti-ageing biolifting for the face and sculpture of the body contours with visible results from the very first séance. Safe and suitable for every type of skin.