Body Bioenergy

We are made of connections. Everything is connected, within us and outside us

From the balance between mind and body, from the energy of their union comes the new body lineDiego dalla Palma professional: BODY BIOENERGY. The new body treatment is created to enhance the beauty of the body and counteract the imperfections associated to cellulite, localized adiposity, loss of tone based on the PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology (PNEI) or ''aesthetic psychology of the body''.

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Urban Life

The new anti pollution face line

Intensive daily defense treatment against urban pollution and sunlight, which are among the main causes of dull complexion, large pores, dark spots, dehydration and wrinkles. Safeguard the youthful capital of the skin by protecting it from smog, toxins and other harmful external agents, for a more radiant and fresh face.

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Coś, co nie było dostępne wczoraj
jest teraz tutaj

Odkryj nowości w świecie diego dalla palma professional.

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Laser diodowy 808 nm

Ewolucja w strategii laserowej
w końcu dostępna.

Technologia laserowa do stopniowego usuwania permanentnego owłosienia, zaprojektowana, aby działać z maksymalnym bezpieczeństwem i gwarantować najlepsze wyniki.

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Sprin Summer Collection

The make up is sun-kissed and choose the elegance of soft shadows tone on tone!

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