Destock cpx

From the union between the power of nature and the most advanced scientific research the new diego dalla palma professional active anti-cellulite is born: DESTOCK CPX, a powerful remodeling action complex obtained from pomegranate oil.

Reactivating draining cream

It reactivates microcirculation and facilitates the removal of toxins and waste combating blemishes associated with cellulite (“orange peel” skin) for a smoother skin and a slimmer appearance.

Shock action critical points vial

A concentrated formulation with thermo-active effects stimulating microcirculation and helping combat the increase in the number of fat cells, reducing the “orange peel” effect. High concentration of active ingredients.

Draining cream mud

A laminar algae “cream” mud with an intensive action to relieve the tissues burdened by water retention and cellulite. Thanks to its “absorbable” texture it does not stain the skin and tissues and is easy to use. With its balanced thermogenic action, it generates a slight sensation of subcutaneous heat that reactivates microcirculation functionality and removes liquids and toxins. The high escin content increases capillary resistance and helps combat oedematous retention and reappearance of cellulite build-up.

Dry anti cellulite oil

Reactivates the metabolism and promotes microcirculation, helping to counteract orange peel skin and water retention for a smooth and silky skin.