The firming treatment draws on the idea that beauty derives from the harmony of body shapes, i.e. from the effective communication between the cells making up tissues. Our new treatment restores cell communication within tissues, shaping like a chisel the contours of the body with visible and high-definition results.

Lifting effect toning cream

It forms a silky layer on the skin with a lifting effect. Thanks to its firming action, it helps redefine body contours and make your skin firm and smooth. Enriched with NoStria, it is ideal to combat sagging skin due to aging or weight loss.

Underarm & Inner thigh firming concentrate

Its special formulation with a silky texture envelops the skin of the arms and thighs, immediately giving a feeling of smoothness. Enriched with ACTIGYMTM and 3D-Instant Lift System, it is ideal for counteracting sagging skin and restoring tone and turgidity, with an immediate lifting effect.* cosmetic facelift