Well - being

An unforgettable journey away from the day-to-day that links the Western and the Eastern cultures of well-being, rich in sensorial experiences between centuries-old traditions and a contemporary spirit.

Aloe vera gel

A multi-active fresh gel that protects, refreshes, moisturises and repairs the skin. It balances skin functions and soothes irritated skin.

Moisturizing shower cream

Multi-action and practical cream. A real cuddle for the skin: a special cream to take in the shower for a cleansed and hydrated body skin in a single gesture! Its special mousse texture creates an enveloping foam that gently cleanses and at the same time leaves a comfortable velvety film on the skin, which does not require the application of a cream after the shower.

Gel refreshing relaxing gel

A path to refresh and cool-down, giving lightness to the legs. It gives immediate relief to the legs. Enriched with cranberry and sweet clover.

Super moisturising cream

It restores skin well-being and gives comfort to dry and sensitive skin, making it smooth and soft. It is the ideal treatment to nourish dehydrated skin especially on the driest parts of the body (knees, elbows and heels). Fast absorbing cream with a soft texture.

Occidental Path - Well-being - nourishing sensorial cream

Soothes and restores well-being to dehydrated and dry skin. Rich in protective and elasticising natural oils and vitamin E, it combats skin aging and regenerates the skin, leaving it soft and luminous right away.

Occidental Path - Well-being - regenerating scrub

Removes dead cells from the body, leaving the skin smooth and velvety. The sea salt stimulates the skin's microcirculation and helps remove excess fluids and toxins.

Oriental Path - Well-being - silkening moisturising milk

It protects sensitive and dehydrated skin, calming it and leaving it smooth and silky right away. Containing trehalose, it quenches the skin’s thirst for water and defends it from the aggression of external elements.

Oriental Path - Well-being - smoothing gommage

It removes dead, grey cells from the body thanks to the sweetness of its sugar crystals and leaves the skin smooth and silky. With extracts of imperial peony, it soothes and hydrates, guaranteeing a beneficial and profound sense of comfort.