Zabieg zorientowany na optymalną skuteczność: większą promienność, jędrność, świeżość i wygładzenie.

PERFECTION 30-dniowa strategia przeciw- utleniająca


PERFECTION Krem 24 godzinny ''Perfekcja''

Soft and voluptuous cream that gives a “immediate retouching effect” thanks to new silicone derivatives that cover flaws and even out the complexion in just a few seconds, showing the beauty of the skin in a new light. Its action does not stop at the surface. The LPA PERFECTION and the 51 +3 HYALU COMPLEX™, gradually fill the micro-wrinkles and eliminate fine lines.

30 days strategy

Shock action for a “perfectly natural skin effect” in 30 days. With LPA PERFECTION COMPLEX with a multi-level perfecting action: on the surface, it smoothes the skin, tightens pores and covers imperfections; in depth, it improves quality and resistance of the skin and regulates the production of pigments.Three complementary products to ensure effectiveness.