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Micellar cleansing milk

Purifying and oxygenating with CELL DETOXIUM e hydramoist.Soft micellar solution specifically designed to cleanse skin deeply and gently. It delicately removes make-up from face and eyes maintaining the appropriate level of hydration and combating the drying action of hard water.

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Revitalising tonic

Moisturizing and refreshing with CELL DETOXIUM and hyaluronic acid. Refreshing water with moisturizing and restorative effects. To be combined with the cleansing treatment to make skin more receptive for following treatments, providing active ingredients with toning, moisturizing and protective effects. Without alcohol. It does not irritate the eyes.

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24-Hour hydro - replenishing cream

Hydrating and protective, it’s perfect for immediately water the skin and to contrast wrinkles of dehydration.

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24-hour redensifying anti-age cream

Thanks to its amino peptide “no-a.g.e.s peptides” complex, it is specially formulated to fight wrinkles, saggy skin and loss of tone which are associated with glycation, one of the main skin ageing processes which is caused by excess sugar in our diet. Enriched with GOLDEN Collagenine, an invaluable peptide complex containing colloidal gold, which stimulates the formation of new collagen.

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Anti-age micro-renovating cream

Specially designed to promote a progressive and delicate renewal of the skin and reduce, day after day, the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, imperfections of the grain and of the complexion. Makes the skin immediately more smooth and radiant. Fresh texture in quick-absorbing cream-gel. Specific active ingredients Royalactin epi-peptide, glycans, carnitine, blackcurrant oil, hemp oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil, aloe, bisabolol, shea butter.

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